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{Intro} I love moms. All kinds. I really believe that each mother has a beautifully brave and unique specialty to add to their part of the world. It comes in a hundred, thousand, million different ways. And I really love it when these mamas find their nitch and run with it. This month I’m high-lighting a few of my favorite brave mamas doing their thing. Cheering them on and sharing their gifts for all! Plus, its right smack dab in the middle of shopping season (yes, I did that on purpose)…so come help support some small shops run by some beautiful Mama’s! I’ll be sharing one each week in the month of December!

{Meet Becky with Straight Truth}  I’m so excited to introduce you to a gal in the midst of 11 years of marriage and an 8, 7, and 5 year old flock of little girls. She’s planted with mid-west living roots with an eye for design and fashion. Anyone watching her grow up would guess her to end up in a stylish big city with plenty of opportunities to dip into her passions for the things that bring beauty into your homes, closets, or work places. But this is where God does His best work… in the unexpected. This creative gal with big city living dreams met and married the love of her life, a small town farmer who loved her back big. Our city gal has made the “farmers wife” life her best adventure. Like so many mamas, she sensed something beyond her irreplaceable role as wife and mother. In a season with her ladies all at school, she braved the possibility of creating something more. That piece of her story where years of loving design, God’s truth, add in her witty humor, and her love of a good t-shirt all came together is where we meet up with Becky today.


This online shop, Straight Truth, is a combination of a few things. The search for the perfect t-shirt, the word whispered in her heart, and the humorous side of Becky all comes out in these one-of-a-kind designs.  Every order is printed just for you here in the USA using eco-friendly inks on the highest quality garments such as American Apparel, District Clothing, and Alternative Apparel. Click on over to Straight Truth and pick up yours today. (BONUS for my home-town folks, find her Tigers team shirts there too!!)


Whether you are a casual, cute chic…


More of a girlie girl with some bold flare in your wardrobe…


Or a handsome hunk of a dude… There are so many color options, design options, and t-shirt options!

You can really put together any outfit with Becky’s Straight Truth line and come out happy with all your t-shirt wearing needs. Cyber Monday is running some GREAT DEALS for your closet, your kids closet, or that list of peeps to buy for. Shop small, shop with some of our brave Mamas doing their thing today! Thanks, Becky!

Mood board designs by Becky Meyerkorth


My Favorite Christmas Books

It’s here! The holiday preparations are happening everywhere and we can hardly ignore it. So why not head into Christmas a little prepared for what we will give our kids? Not their list of gifts, but a list of traditions and stories that will hopefully stay with them long after the Star Wars Lego’s have lost their interests.


It’s taken me some years, but I’ve landed on a handful of children books that I love to include during the Christmas season. For one, they encourage me to read to my kids. Two, they are connected to holiday things we are already doing. Three, they all point back to the reason in the season…our Savior! I love to find a way to connect our traditions and family activities back to Jesus. Here’s five of my top Christmas themed children’s books that help do just that. I’ve included an easy link to them on amazon if you want to find them under your tree this year.


God Gave Us Christmas (click here to purchase on Amazon) This book helps steer the conversation and question of “why”. Where and why do we have Christmas. The story mentions Santa, but the main idea is that God gave us Christmas and God can be found everywhere.


The Pine Tree Parable (click here to purchase on Amazon) Most of us find ourselves putting the Christmas tree up this time of year. This child friendly book by my favorite author Liz Curtis Higgs is a must have. The story is one of giving, growing, and learning, loving. My favorite is the scripture included along the way and the hope in Jesus that is told at the end. This is one of my kids very favorites.


The Legend of the Candy Cane (click here to purchase on Amazon) This is an inspirational story of our favorite Christmas candy. The candy cane. The story of the candy cane is told along with the miracle of Christ’s birth, the misery of his death, and the mercy of His love. Candy canes, hot chocolate, and this book make for a cozy read during the holiday season.


The Gift of the Christmas Cookie (click here to purchase on Amazon) I’ve yet to meet a mother who doesn’t bake Christmas cookies with her children at some point. Homemade or rolled out fresh from the pre-bought tube…cookies and Christmas co-exist. I wanted to find a book that intertwined Jesus birth story while we baked at our house. This book did just that for me. This book tells a sweet story about giving and includes the story of Jesus’s life.


Unwrapping the Greatest Gift (click here to purchase on Amazon) I’ve tried a short list of Christmas devotionals, advent books, and holiday count down practices. This one takes the cake for me. If you have read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, you will love her family Christmas celebration book. This can be tweaked for all ages and we all learned from it last year, as well as had a visual to add to each day of December. It is a wonderful addition to the Jesse Tree you might already do and if you don’t, shares how to easily add one to your Christmas tradition. Christ story is told through beautiful and truthful words.

You can’t go wrong with any of these titles. Read, share, make Christmas come to life in the hearts of your little people this year. These books have helped unravel what its all about…





not the mom I thought I would be

I’m not the mom I thought I would be. And sometimes I can not tell you if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it’s just a thing? But either way, I find myself sometimes a bit stuck trying to be the mom I thought I would be and actually being the mom that I am. Motherhood feels like that some days…lost between who we think we need to be and who we really are.

I listen as others speak and hear the familiar tones and the familiar thoughts I’ve let settle in my heart. Many of us, just unsure about whether we are doing this whole mom-thing up to par. While I listen to them…and to me…I mostly am seeing that we all are really often contending with our very own expectations of what motherhood is supposed to look like. And there is no solid ground to stand on in that.

Today I could sit here and write about all the things I do not do as a mother. All the things I’ve felt bad about or insecure about or embarrassed about. I don’t swaddle my baby’s or help with the PTA. I rarely have fresh-baked goods waiting for my kids after school (in my pre-mom world, THIS was an ideal mom…I blame Mrs. Keaton and  Family Ties for that). I do not recite a nightly devotion with my kids or have no televisions in my house. I don’t let my kids have all their friends over all the time. I barely volunteer in their classrooms. I can’t remember the last time they had their dentist visits. And there’s more. We’ve all got more. Lots, actually, that we tend to use to set our mark for where we score on the mother charts.

So I’m not the mom I thought I would be. And when I take that mother off her pedestal and put up the Mama I’ve become… I see me still standing there. Just as tall. Just as high. Just as valuable. Just as worthy as the next Mama being held up by our Creator who made us in His image and just for His glory.

For all the things I don’t do, can’t do, and not happening… there are plenty of things I can do. When I remove the stuff that blocks my view from being who I was made to be, that’s when I see the Mother I was created as. That open window to see though to her…so clearly and so natural. It’s not the mom I thought I would be. It’s something totally different and totally me. And she can stand up tall.

Motherhood gives us plenty of opportunities to see ourselves through blurry windows of what we should be.

Motherhood also opens a window every new day to a clear picture of what we can be. When we look at who made us. When we see what we can be with His love and daily dose of grace.

Be all kinds of mothers…but mama’s of love and grace for themselves are ones we each can stand up for. Lead the PTA or the daily nature walk or the kids choir or the basketball team. Do whatever you were made to do in your motherly ways…just never forget that love and grace go along with every essence of a raising-children-woman. Lets give ourselves plenty today. And be those mothers. Mama’s offering plenty of love and grace for ourselves and for each other. They’re pretty great.


believing in change

I can feel it in the wind. Here we are at the edge of change…again. The one thing that seems to stay the same is the revolving door that swings change through our lives. No matter if I try to step out-of-the-way, this door always remains open in front of me. I’m the girl who used to stand outside the door of unknowing and weep a bit inside as I inched closer to the next thing. Change shook me to the core, in the most paralyzing ways. I don’t know if it is the unknown that brings fear to my surface or the saying goodbye to what I’ve known that brings pain alongside change… but change has gotten me good for a good amount of years. But I’ve learned through all the times of hesitantly stepping inside, that really only fear holds me back when courage could walk me right through. Change is always coming, paths always leading to the next thing…the next door at the end of this road. So as we walk on, we must remember that our help is always on its way to us, too. To meet us at every new beginning.

If ever there is a time to beat our fears and be the brave ones of the here and now…it is today. What scares us and hurts us and challenges us and comes at us…it feels hard. But it can be done. We can do hard things. Every single one of us… Even when good things bring hard ways and hard things bring God’s goodness. We can go knowing that anything we walk in will be met by a Savior who can walk us through.

And the only way I know this true today is from believing. 

Believing that new things usually come with a stripping of some old ways that can feel a bit like being broken.

Believing that staying in our old places will never lead us to the next best thing God has planned for us.

Believing that to get to the next best thing will require some hard work to build up to our next best self.

Believing that when everything around me doesn’t feel like it used to, that God is the same. Everywhere.

Believing that courage is often times a bunch of small steps that eventually look like one big leap when I turn around to see how far I’ve come. We must keep stepping.

Believing that no matter how dark the new doorway seems, that I only need to keep my eyes focused on the one true Light to lead my way in.

Believing that hope is always found on the other side of fear…when…we…believe.

Change will keep happening… and coming… and going… and moving with the seasons. The wind that always seems to push open a new door. We must always be ready to walk through and act in response to our belief in His ways to work through us in all hard places. The good things and not so good things that just need us to show up believing. Never taking our eyes off the way through. Hope is always just on the other side…

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what 14 years of marriage might look like

Love always wins. Except when it doesn’t. But love can win, when we choose it. Fourteen years ago today, I stood before a church full of friends and family vowing to love my other half forever. Love won that day. In front of a crowd cheering us on and before a God making us one. We’ve been choosing everyday since to keep love our victor.

But I’d be stretching the truth if I told you it’s only happily-ever-after once you walk down the aisle as Mr and Mrs for the next fifty years. Choosing to love comes at you in a thousand different obstacles. Marriage today has become a happy feeling for so many and when the happiness fades away…some folks often think the love has faded, too. If anything stands out to me these past 14 years, it is the simple truth that we get to choose love. Everyday, in every joy-filled and hard season, and in all the big and small ways. Even more so in the small things.

The thing about choosing love in a marriage is it becomes less about us and more about our God. Being married isn’t just for us. It’s for His Kingdom. There was a time I thought love meant consistent happiness. That marriage was mostly for us. To not feel happy in my marriage, might mean that maybe love was fading. This is where God does some of His best work in us, in our relationships with each other, and with Him. When we choose in the hard seasons to keep loving anyways. Love wins. And that’s a victory for everyone involved! It’s my hope that our marriage will reflect God’s love to others. On the great days and the not so great days.

So how do we choose? I’m still learning, but with the 14 years under my belt…this is what I know today.

1. Speak truth even if it hurts. Being truthful about where you are at with each other shines light on a dark place. Darkness between two people is set free through real communication. Being truthful gets to the root of what is being felt.

2. Show love even if you don’t feel it. If you want to choose love, you may have to show it even if you don’t feel like it. Leave that kind note, pick up that coffee, be a giver even when it feels hard.

3. Practice having good thoughts about one another. Our minds are some of the most powerful tools we have to use in relationships. We can let our thoughts wander with anger, bitterness, sadness, and pain…or we can take action to think positively about our spouses. Sometimes this requires stopping ourselves in our tracks when we realize where our thoughts are going. Sometimes seeking our Source of love is our only hope to fight hurt places that want to point us in a non-Oneness direction. We have a God who can give us our hope and strength in hard seasons. I promise you.

4. Hold onto hope. Just because we’re followers of Jesus, doesn’t mean we don’t struggle with life like non-followers. But…we have a very real and very faithful place to plant our feet on. Hope in His promises for us. Hope in His goodness in all places of life. Hope to keep going in all we do. Hope for his design of marriage. Hope starts small and spreads like fire when it’s nurtured. Investing in our relationships with Jesus is like pouring fire into the hope that we need to live our lives.

5. Remember where you came from. People grow and change along the way. Remember as you both emerge into who God created you to be that you started off together. Together is where He planted you and together is where you will reap the best harvest.

6. Know where you are going. It’s easy to go your own directions. Especially once kids come along. Having a common landing-place is a huge navigational tool to utilize. Know what you both desire for your lives, for your family, for your careers, for yourselves, for your faith. This makes for changes and growing pains and big decisions much easier to walk through when you know where you are going together.

I know 14 years is a drop in the bucket compared to the longevity that marriages endure. I’ve learned so much in these first years though, usually the hard way. I know there is more coming at us. I struggle to put my marriage first in these child-rearing years. It’s something I want to do better with. Fourteen years of marriage has been so much awesomeness and so much heartache. There is nothing else like it that is molding me the way it is. I’m so thankful for my outgoing, confident, hard-working, hilarious, handsome, compassionate, and God-loving husband. I’d choose him all over again. He had me on bended knee in his old stretched out Vikings t-shirt all those years ago…and he’s still got me in his worn jeans and white t-shirt these days. We’ve worked hard and we’ve loved hard. And we’re here. Fourteen years and counting…

love wins

choose what matters

My journey into motherhood started like many others. A baby, a new role, and suddenly a whole new list of things to do. I loved the baby part, I loved the new role I was filling, but the long list of things to do in this new chapter of my life left me feeling…well, a bit in over my head. It can take some time to shake off the dust and get settled in our new roles.

There are so many bits and pieces to do as moms. Things that need attention and intention and deliberation. So how does one do it all once we find ourselves in this new place where somebody calls us “Mom”?

My secret today? We don’t.

As mothers, our days are filled with moments. Moments where we choose what matters today. Moments that create a childhood for our young ones and a purpose for us gals. Moments that we get to mold in the way we decide to spend them. Moments that make up our life as mothers.

When the time comes…we learn. We learn to feed our babies. We learn when to potty train and when to nap toddlers and when to give up the binkies. We learn how to teach the letters and sing the alphabet. We learn how to take temperatures and give medicine. We learn how to soothe scared little ones in the dark and wipe knee scraped scars away. When it comes down to completing our list of mom things, we do what mothers have been doing for years. We learn as we go. Learning never out grows any of us. 

The joy in this journey of doing so many things as mother to one or many… is we choose what matters in the moment, as they come, and when we are ready. There is no need to fill our list up with anything that doesn’t matter today, right now, in this very moment. Lives change quick enough, lets focus on right now.


Learning to pay attention to what is needed today can save my worrying ways of what tomorrow might be.

Learning to be intentional with my current stage of motherhood can open doors to confidently help me walk towards what is next.

Learning to be deliberate as a mother sets me up to embrace each moment with purpose.

I have learned to not only love my place as a mom, but to also not be overwhelmed with all that comes with it. I try to do what matters right now. I try to pay attention to where my kids are at today. I try to not fill my list up with things that could wait or don’t really matter in this season. I try to learn as I go. Mothers were created for many things, but doing it all isn’t one of them. Mothers were created for learning as we go. And that’s a role I will keep trying to fill.

What could you let go of today?

What might need your attention right now?

What moment are you staring at?

when there are no words

For months I’ve struggled to put my words into paragraphs and actually make sense of what was coming to the surface for me. The thing about being a writer or trying to be a writer is that there are times when there are just no words. And I’ve learned that there are times that it is better to be quiet and listen, then try to make some noise out of what life is doing. In the stillness, a quiet place is made for His words to speak. Truth to stand on.

But then a few weeks ago it seemed my lack of words had little meaning behind their break. Our community, our schools, our churches, and some of our most favorite people heard the words that many get to escape from. The tragic and deeply saddened words that 3 loved lives were gone. And all became silent in many hearts.

There are moments in life when there just are no words. The simple breathing in of each day takes all our strength and when the air starts to feel tight…we are left with nothing to say, but only be. I’ve been watching a lot of folks just being… Living quietly and yet speaking volumes of what makes them live through today.

For so many believers, when there is nothing left to say…all we do is watch Jesus pour into these silent lives and listen to the message they share by simply being.

{Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18}

Faith doesn’t always need words. But faith always requires action. And truth.

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And as a writer I’m learning that sometimes my quiet places are still speaking to me. And as a believer, my quiet places are still speaking. And I’m seeing so many faith filled friends speak ever so loudly the hope in Jesus. By being simply quiet and living through today. All this happens by the hushed movements in the way one can say not a thing, all while living in the hope of a Savior who meets us in our most hard to reach quiet places. And for that…there are just no words. Just faith to keep going…wherever He is leading. Our actions always speak more loudly than our words. So I’m reminded to be still…and just keep going.